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    328 for sale / Anna Kournikova site link trade wtd


    This is a David Beckham fansite, - Original design and PR3.

    Stats can be seen @

    Search engine stats can be seen @

    Both are from this month

    Site has been active since December.

    So far this month it has taken up 15gb bandwidth

    I recently changed the Google ads to the bigger ones and that makes between 1 and 3 dollars a day, average is probably just less then $2 but it has made upto $3.35 on one day too.

    Site is easy to maintain, just update with news everytime there is news, just do a 'news' search on Google daily.

    Lowest I will acept is $800 which I feel is a fair price with what it is earning x 12 and also a decent domain name thats getting good SE traffic because of it.

    Any question pls ask



    I also run and am looking for link trades with fan sites and antertainment based sites. Thanks

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