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    Your business name

    Does anyone here run their business as their own name?

    Most of my business is through friends, and friends of friends, and im thinking about scrapping the business name and just using '', maybe with '' as the nameservers.

    Sometimes it just seems so much more honest, saying i run a couple of servers and manage the space for the bands, than the template-image larger than im not impression i fear comes across when i say ''

    Any thoughts on it? Also, i plan to start back in full time work, hence not having time to fuly market the business, but still maintain my current clients and referred business...

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    what if you ever decide to hire extra people or your business grows larger?

    I think naming a business as your name is not a good plan except in certain areas.

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    I personally dont think its a good idea, but if your full name has a catchy ring to it eventually people will just think your name IS the business name. For instance, Westinghouse, McDonalds etc.

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    Originally posted by Hostex Australia
    Westinghouse, McDonalds etc.
    Yeah, but McDonalds was founded by Ray Kroc... not some clown named Ronald McDonald. (sorta)

    Ok, so he bought the franchising rights from two brothers McDonald... but McDonald's Corporation was formed and developed to what it is today by him.
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    My father busienss uses our last name for his business name. He has been using the name I think for now 20 years (before that it was a name he made up). As for him he has people working under him as well. Just depends on how you want to advertise your business. Oh and my father has had his business for 40 years!

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    Re: Your business name

    Originally posted by streetmedia
    Sometimes it just seems so much more honest, saying i run a couple of servers and manage the space for the bands, than the template-image larger than im not impression i fear comes across when i say ''
    It's a good idea. Putting your name upfront as the business name shows you have confidence in your service and you are willing to put your own name at stake.


    Assuming that you want your own name as your main domain name, I would only advise against it if your name is not easy to pronounce, or has too many characters. - Top Provider of Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Cloud VPS Plans.
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    Good idea I think, gives the clients a worm and fuzzy feeling knowing they are dealing with the owner. But it can also scare away larger cleints untill you have made a name for yourself. VPS, Dedicated & Colocated Servers.
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    I don't think its a bad idea, but you need to be honest with yourself on how good of a business name your first or last name is going to make. For example, my last name is Sahakian, which is a name that would be hard to spell and pronounce for most people so it would not be wise for me to use that as my business name. But Michael Dell is a great example of someone who made a smart decision to use his last name because Dell is both unique (it's not like he named it Michael's Computers) and its easy to spell and say out loud.
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    I think a good idea is to use your last name coupled with something else.

    Eg. Nice & simple.
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    i use , and i love it!

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