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    Arrow HELP: Problem with EXEC output


    I am creating a script for SHOUTcast, to manage it through the browser in PHP, instead of having to use shell and make it hard for new people.

    I got some help from another member, and all works fine in SSH, but when I goto output it into PHP using the EXEC command, all as I get is a - (dash/minus)

    My code is:
    PHP Code:

    echo "Checking ports for SHOUTcast<br><br>";

    "Found SHOUTcast on port 8000 with PID "exec("netstat -napt | grep LISTEN | awk '/8000/ { print $7; }' | awk -F/ '{ print $1; }'");

    "<br><br>Checking complete!";

    Goto to see the output.

    Any help is appreciated!


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    Ok, figured out the problem. It's not logging into root to check.

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    If anyone knows how to login to root user using PHP, please help me out. Otherwise how do I unsuspend the root user in cPanel? (not sure why it's suspended)

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    Please, for the love of all that is mighty -- do not enable your scripts to run as root -- otherwise, you'll have big holes in your security. I'm talking big -- like the size of the grand canyon big.
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