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    Do YOU use google adwords?? HELP!

    Please help me with adwords!! GRRRRRRRR

    Right, my website is VERY new, i mean it has been up for a while, but has only just recently been finished.

    So anyway, I decided to start marketing and signed up for adwords. I made my ad as follows:


    SM Phones
    100's of Mobile Phones & Contracts
    Make up to 50% Savings Online!

    And these are the keywords I selected:

    O2 tariffs
    cheap mobiles
    cheap phones
    mobile contracts
    mobile deals
    orange tariffs
    pay as you go
    pay as you go mobiles
    pay as you go tariffs
    phone contracts
    phone deals
    t mobile
    t mobile tariffs
    vodafone tariffs

    However, after just three days my account has been "slowed" OVER three times (which means I had to pay 5 to reactivate!) due to "underperforming" kewords. What can I do about this??

    I mean, google keeps telling me to "optimize" but how the hell to I "optimize"?? Please help, my keywords keep getting disabled, and put on hold or trial.

    Are these keywords not good enough? I mean I don't really know what other keywords to use, or to replace them with. Also, is my ad not good enough?? Please help, its the first time I have used adwords and it just doesn't seem to be working for me!!
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    Optimize your Keywords. DO NOT use the same ad/title text for all keywords. Make sure that the keyword appears in your ad title, and in your ad text.

    Don't use 'orange' as a keyword, it is too general. If I'm looking for information on oranges, I'm not going to click on a SM Phone link.

    Drop the generic keywords, use specifics, and make sure your keyword is included in both the title and description text of the ad. Tell people how your site fits their keyword.

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