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    PHP 5 is needed!

    Hey guys,

    I am trying to find a web host that is relativly cheap that supports PHP5 & MySQL.

    Reason being I am developing a web application at the moment on PHP5 and soon will need some solid webspace to let other people test it. My current host only has PHP 4.3.1.

    I need a good web host that is relativly cheap, but I am willing to spend more if it means better uptime and a better service.

    I am looking for:
    - PHP 5 Support
    - MYSQL
    - PostgreSQL DB (not neccessary)
    - Multi-Domain management
    - Unlimited or Large amount of Sub Domains/Emails/FTP
    - Roughly anywhere between 1gb - 10gb of space
    - 50 - 200gb per month

    I know those are pretty broad specs, but I need suggestions so please reply if you have any! Thanks.

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    I would try emailing some selected companies--some (like ***********) will steer your space to a machine that has the specs you need. Most have defaults that are more general (and probably running 4.3..) but I know some will have others available.

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    A lot of hosts still run PHP 4.3.x because it will break some scripts if they upgraded to PHP 5. If you get a VPS you can just install whatever version of PHP you want.
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    True True. If you've got high-resource needs, and want to offer this out to other people soon enough, it'll be handy to have full access to the php config and server - so a VPS would be the way to go.

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    I'd agree. Also, up to 200gb bandwidth per month is quite much for shared hosting, and with such an application that uses php, mysql, and postgresql, I would think it would be heavy on resources.

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    Any host thats willing to do some work for you should be able to setup php5. Its pretty easy to get php5 working on a per account basis.

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    That and it really would depend on how much you plan to actually pay.

    1-10GB Diskspace?
    50-200GB Bandwidth??

    What are you expecting to find this for?
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    Originally posted by WebOnce
    1-10GB Diskspace?
    50-200GB Bandwidth??

    What are you expecting to find this for?
    Well I expect that I won't use much resources at first, but will then eventually start consuming more and more.

    I am considering a VPS, or maybe a small temporary account and then when it gets bigger moving onto a dedicated/managed server.

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    I have seen several hosts on WHT that run PHP4 and PHP5 side-by-side which allows you to choose which one you would like to use.

    I would recommend using the Search feature of this forum, and search for PHP5. This should give you at least a few companies who offer that configuration.
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    Does VPS Colo support PHP 5 ??

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    I recommend you get a fully managed VPS or server. On such a fully manages service the provider can install php 5 for you.
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    As said before with those transfer rates a dedicated or VPS is the best option. Most hosts will wind up charging you $30 or more for those transfer rates. Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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