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    Anybody heard about these guys? I saw something about them here and signed up, seems quite ok. Any thoughts?
    I wonder if I should host a .NET web service there, I really need that up 100%.


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    Search "Dinix Migration" in WHT and you will see why most are avoiding WebHostPlus.


    EDIT - This company is not the same but, it does have about the same name.
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    Not the same

    Yup, I doubt they are the same, seems much smaller than says there is no problem hosting a web service, should I just trust them?


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    Try finding their uptime history and other stats...

    Though practically 100% uptime is impossible, still 99% does exist
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    Are you Johnny or Christian?

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    Sorry, I'm kinda new at this - where do I find the stats for them? They don't seem to have anything on the website.
    And (sorry again ), who is Christian? I'm Johnny for sure

    Thanks and sorry for all the questions,

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    In case you are not able to find any perfect reviews for this company then try to check the support quality by yourself. You can do this by sending some sales queries and check the response time for the same. You can also test the other support features offered by them like the live chat or the phone support.

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