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    Personal shopper & shipper is required


    A personal shopper is required who can buy for us from any US site, including eBay

    He must have a merchant account so that he can charge our credit card then buy for us. We do have a US street address where he can always ship the products to

    The personal shopper should have:

    - A US merchant account with less than 2.3% as a discount, so that when he charge us plus 1% it does not become too much
    - The sufficient time to process the orders in the same day we send them, no delay at all!
    - A debit or credit card with unlimited amount or high one, so that he can use it very often for our orders (may be $15000 per month)

    There is another task also:

    In addition to making the purchases for us and making the shipping address be ours in US, sometimes he may be required to let the shipping address be his, so that he repackage the shipment and ship it to another US address through USPS

    We'll pay him as follows:

    - 1% for each purchase
    - 2% if the order needs repackaging

    f you're intrested, please send me a pm, and then I'll give you the full details

    Best Regards

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    I don't want to throw a damp towl on anyone but be VERY careful doing something like this. It would concievably be very easy for you to get burned for several thousand doing something like this. All it would take is one chargeback for you to be in a world of pain. Check this offer out completely and be sure to check the person out. I realize the poster has a large number of post, but still be safe.

    Not saying its a scam, just saying be careful.

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    Could you provide more details about why you need this?

    I had a customer in Ireland who wanted an IPod but couldn't get it there. He ordered one from a US company buy they wouldn't ship out of the states. He bought it, had it shipped to me and I reshipped it to him. No problem.

    This, on the other hand, is reshipping to another US address. It doesn't make any sense. If you have a credit card to use on the merchant account why don't you just buy the product yourself and have it shipped you your US address.

    This smells funny to me.

    Aaron Wendel
    Wholesale Internet, Inc. -
    Kansas City Internet eXchange -

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    Im interested in speaking with you more about this, I dont really care if I end up getting burned, want to try out some new things (I did in the past and it worked out really well for me).

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    Dear Sigma,

    I've already added you to my MSN

    Dear abetech,

    Thanks a lot for being serious & tactful in posting your opinion. I understand what you're saying and it's completley reasonable

    Dear WII-Aaron,

    Well, the answer is very easy, 95% of the US sites do not accept credit card issued from outside USA. I do have a US address, but I don't live there now and I don't have credit card issued from US

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    Sounds like a big scam to me...I would stay away from this people.

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    I do have Swiss credit card and an US address and I CAN buy from any website in the US including eBay....
    .:. Enterprise SAN Consultant .:.

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