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    weire, all the Reseller just received email from TKR that we should update our billing info at by May 1 else our account will be delete, BUT as for now the sub-domain can't even resolve....

    When come to $$$ they want it fast... but talk about server uptime they will make it slow... to fix...

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    Site comes up from here (Pennsylvania, USA)

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    It's up here in NYC.


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    Their ModernBill login is working fine from aussie land.

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    The problem was the domain expired and we did not catch it in time. The domain was renewed within hours. This did not affect anydown time for our customers, just turnkey's main site. Sorry about that.

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    Hi Robert,

    For sure you're in a mess. This can't that can't. This problems and that problems. All in your lovely IBM super server. Look like it is not a super server after all... It is a PROBLEM server.

    Look like u will try to chase away all your 15GB/150Gb clients, so u can start a new packages with higher price. You are not serious at fixing the problems once an for all.

    Check up on Beast Server 1.

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    Both and are down for me, but the main site is up...

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