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    how to change my IP?

    I am using a campus private LocalAreaNetwork to connect the Internet.

    I need to change my IP address for business reasons. I was told I need DNS and GATEWAY IP in order to do so, how can I get them? The campus won't tell me.

    I want to show my IP address is in the US, (I am in Asia) do you know any IP provider in the US will allow me to use a US IP?

    I don't do something illegal.

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    I would think that you need to contact your software provider, or Hardware provider and ask them from their customer support. Ask them how to do so, I think they can help you quite easy.

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    If you're using your school's network to connect to the Internet, chances are you will not be able to use any outside ISPs, since they usually do not allow them. I would check with your school first to see if they will allow you to subscribe to other Internet Providers.

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    This seems to be illegal and no ISP will allow to do this....

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    Why do you need it to show your IP address being in the united states?

    Regardless.. You're gonna need to rent out a VPS.. or dedicated server.. or even send a machine out to be colocated on an american network, and from there you can setup proxy server like squid on that server, then configure your home software to make connections through that proxy, thus making your users believe you are really connected on whatever network your server is hooked up to.

    this isn't really changing your ip.. you'll need to be master of your own network for that.. you might be able to contact your ISP (your college) and get them to setup some kinda system.. but i don't think they could make you appear as if you are in america.

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