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    Uswebpay & Jensleypay

    Does anyone have true expenience with USWEBPAY or JENSLEYPAY? Please share. Are they good, trustworthy, reliable?

    I haven't registrated with USWEBPAY, but the customer service is good so far by answering my emails quickly and covered all my questions.

    But did you see that the website layout, user agreement, help sections are almost identical in both websites? But one locates in the US, one in UK.

    Anyone can explain that?

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    This is very interesting!

    I already asked Jensleypay about uswebpay, Jensleypay said
    they are not related to uswebpay.
    I had a feeling that they were quite sensitive when I mentioned about uswebpay!

    Do you guys think that they are related?
    If they are related, why they want to have two different web sites? Anybody?

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    You may add these two to the list: and

    They might not be related but - my guess - they use the same software from

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    Yes, I think they use the same software from cusell. Actually, have come across other e-commerce sites that have the same look and feel. I can trust them that they are unrelated.

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    I see! Thanks all of you!

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    Jensleypay is ok .
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