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    Liquid Web Bad Reviews??

    I am confused. I read alot of good things about Liquid Web (except the one downtime issue) in this forum, however I did outside research, and came across this link:

    The majority of these people seemed pretty upset and angry, and gave Liquid Web horrible reviews.

    I was going to choose LW, but these bad reviews scare me...Unless they got better in the past year?

    I was a bit turned off by Servint's slower physical capabilities (not network speed), but if they are more reliable, maybe I will just stick with them. What are your opinions?

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    If you look at those reviews they are 2-3 years old. A lot can happen in that time



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    true , i had a dedicated with them in the past and yes some of their service wasnt really good.

    but now they are one of the best ded / vps server out there.. i would recommend them..

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    I've been with Liquid Web for just under a month now and besides a billing issue that is still unresolved I'd recommend them. I've never had a server that was so fast and responsive. I haven't seen any downtime from them since I've been with them, which isn't very long, but I'm coming from Server Matrix/The Planet where my server was inaccessible for nearly the entire months of March and April (off and on all day every day for hours at a time each way).

    Support was very fast for a couple initial technical issues that I had, and the support staff that I've spoken to seem knowledgeable, even in the wee small hours, which is refreshing after dealing with other companies who have people manning the phones at night who can't really do anything more than a hard reboot.

    The last review for them on that site was written in the summer of 2003, and a month apart there are some reviews that say how great their uptime was and another that says that they had a problem with uptime.

    I've never seen any negative reviews of Liquid Web on here, and that's saying something. They were on my short list with a few other companies, and while LW was a little more expensive than some of the other options I'm willing to pay a little more for reliability. Having your server actually online and responsive will more than make up for a 20% difference in server costs.

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    I donno man, although as someone (sry, 2 lazy to click back ) said, a lot can change in a while. Liquid Web sounds reliable, and I've seen lots of good reviews on it. I'd go with it, but first, I'd reply to that topic, and re-ask people to give their reviews or they time they left if they left. That way, you could see if things changed at all.

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    Something important to note is that all of the reviews on were from before we opened our own datacenter and moved all of our servers in-house.

    Also, I have personally submitted many comments as well as sent many emails to the site's operators with no response. I have had clients tell me they have submitted reviews but they never show up either. While the site says it was updated in September, it was definitely not updated with everything that was submitted.
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    Yeah, that site looks like it's dead. Nothing new there since 2003.

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    I will take all this into consideration. I want my site hosted on a safe and super fast server. I think the prices of liquid web are great, and I had almost decided on this host, that's why I was upset when I read the bad reviews.

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    I know servint are switching to raid 10 which should address their speed issues, you should be able to see the results from this in the next week or so. Perhaps as you were considering them it may be worth hanging on for a week or so to see how well they do for speed then?

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