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    [urgent]Uh, I think I filled my hard drive up[/Urgent]

    Hey guys, well last night I was installing cerberus email piping, And when I tried to upload to ftp today, i got a nasty "Disk Full" error.

    My suspicions are that I could have possibly created multiple emails? Not too sure, I contacted tech support about 5 hours ago (managed hosting), I know they have looked at the situation (from ssh logs) but they have not gotten back to me.

    Im not much of a linux guru, could anyone give me a bit of advice/tips on how to find my problem?

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    Do you have any shell access at all or jsut FTP?

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    Hey there,

    If you do suspect the Cerberus parser, check your tempdir (specified in config.xml) and make sure you aren't bouncing a lot of mail there.

    You also want to make sure your parser log level is set to FATAL rather than DEBUG. In debug mode the parser will log a ton of information for every message it parses. You should always use fatal in production, which logs only errors that prohibit parsing.

    If you need more help you're welcome to contact me by IM.

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    Thanks for your help

    I found out the harddrive had failed. Just happened around the same time I installed Cerberus!

    Nice bit of software too I must say

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