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    Wink Automated Hosting Setup

    I am looking for an "all-inclusive" hosting template, for lack of better word, that I can use in conjunction with my reseller account. Ultimately I would like my site allow users to sign-up, pay, and begin using my hosting services without any intervention from me.

    Essentially...I am looking for the solution that manages itself. Any ideas or am I in LaLa Land?

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    Check phpCoin

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    Hey there are several... I prefer bcoz of its price and vast array of registrars it supports
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    Whatever you choose I suggest not having instant activation do to fraud orders. Takes just a couple minutes to confirm an order is legit and it's a lot better than having spammers and other stuff like that plagueing you.

    As for one if you're using cPanel WHMautopilot is a good automated system.
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    I agree with TonyB about not offering instant setup, due to fraud.

    In regard to hosting software, you might want to look at AWBS (formerly DRAMS Plus) as a nice all-in-one web host solution.

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    Instant setup is really asking to have some script kiddie go flooding 100000's of spam emails off through one of the hosts servers. By allowing instant setup without proper verification before processing an order you may find yourself not liked very well by whoever you are reselling for. I honestly as a host would also strongly advise you against doing such a setup. Of course have everything queued and setup orders promptly after verifying them but, you are going to find the fraud orders are unavoidable really. I would highly suggest using a service such as fraudgate if you absolutely must do instant activations. This will allow for orders to be automatically verified upon your customer placing the order. That way they will have the ability to be auto setup then.

    Just some thoughts on your implimentation.

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    Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. I do have CPanel and the ability to use Auto-pilot. I have test drove auto-pilot and it appears to provide the functionality I am looking for. I certainly do appreciate everyone's input on not setting up automatic account creation. I will definitely take that into consideration. If all I have to do is verify the account that is a lot less then I am doing now.

    Thanks again...


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    Hi there, you might want to check out client exec at (sorry cant post links yet) i'm just starting up with hosting and learning about it as i go, i'm just on a reseller account at the moment but i intend to go to dedicated server/s when i have about 100 clients.

    Anyway getting to the point, i invested in a lifetime licence (with 6 months fee support and upgrades & the option to continue with support and upgrades at a discount price). I payed $125 for it and i think its great. If you dont want to pay that much i think you can get a leased plan..... Right ive just looked and a leased plan is $11.95 per month. But a lifetime liscence will be better in the longrun, visit there site and check out the demo.

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