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    Looking for textlinks on forums, particular spot.

    Hello there,

    Im looking for textlink spots on your forums

    The spot im looking for is just under the 'Post Reply' button of EVERY thread made in the forums

    Requirements :-

    1) Must have atleast pr2
    2) High traffic stats. You can show me stats and i'll approve
    3) Price range $10-$20 /month


    Thanks !

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    Hi SaveBigHosting,
    I am able to offer you this sort of advertisement but how much are you willing to pay? Our site offers free forum hosting service and currently we are PR 4.

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    I am thinking of opening up my Support Forums for text link placements.

    It has 550+ members and its quite active.

    But what URL are you wanted to be linked to?

    Maybe we can talk on MSN Messenger about this?
    -=- GQ Hong -=-
    GalacNet WebMaster

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    5 pr4 alexa 97000
    you can buy one at

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    do you accept other website than forum ???
    :: SecureIP Solutions Web ::
    Montréal Web Hosting, Backup, Web and IT services

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    United States
    3,675 - PR 4

    Several thousand of our pages are indexed in some engines.

    Text Link Cost under Post Reply: $20

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    r4zor - between $10-$20 depending on how populated your site is. i'll judge it.

    galacnet - Free Image Hosting Site. Im looking for very populated forums. no figure as such, but very active ones with many threads already.

    mfk1868 - alittle surprised, over 100 members browsing, such few posts? or is it a new forum?...

    eConcept - not really, sorry.

    CrazyTech - Sorry, forum as not populated. not what im looking for.

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    quote]galacnet - Free Image Hosting Site. Im looking for very populated forums. no figure as such, but very active ones with many threads already. [/quote]

    How many members are you looking at for the forums to be considered as active and worth $20 for a text link under the location you specificed???
    -=- GQ Hong -=-
    GalacNet WebMaster

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    added to msn lets talk there. And there is no particular member or post count figure. thats why let me be the judge. Just that it has to have Alot of activity in it e.t.c

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    My site's stats:

    Site has a forum. Text link on site + forum (10+ pages) is $40. Forum only is $20.

    PM me if interested.

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    check Stats can be found here--->> (last month) this month is at 1700+ unique/day Price Asking $8/month Will be in every thread 2nd to last post.
    New Get Paid To Post Forum, where we talk almost about everything. Especially making money!!

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    Hi, my site

    Text link on all pages + forum $30/month. (It's around 3,000++ pages indexed by google)

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    Shortd81 - Forum not populated in my opinion. but since you have a low price i will take it if you can put my text link on EVERY thread Under every Post reply / New reply button. If you can do it, pm me paypal details.

    Pure talk - Forum not that big in my opinion. sorry.price high too.

    Please Keep Offers Coming

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    Hello SaveBigHosting,

    Please have a look at and let me know if interested .


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