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    Graphics Designer / IPB Skinner Needed

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently looking for a pretty advanced Graphics Designer and/or IPB Skinner to be staff at my site. The user will need to be able to mainly help will custom IPB skin requests and web template requests. In the meantime, the user should also be able to provide premade templates and skins for us, but its not totally required.

    Yes, you would get paid 40% - %80 of the profit we make on template and skin requests, plus you will be paid for your premade skins/templates. If you are interested, please email me at 'sog[at]area09[.]com', PM me, or reply to this topic.

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    Again, I need a pretty advanced designer in these areas so if your just a newbie at graphics, please dont apply (no offense). And we do get quite a number of template / skin requests frequently.

    someotherguy582 -- Area09 Founder / Management

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