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    Domain Transfer.

    I am currently moving a domain from one box to another due to a host switch, What is the best way to do this? I have Bind installed on the new and hope to be able to just swap the domain over to this box? Anyone have a guide on the best way to perform this transfer? Is there any information I need from the register before I do it? I was looking on google (everyones best friend =P) and come across this article: - Is that a correct way about doing this? Any help is welcome, Thanks in advance.
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    So if you are moving the dns servers you need to go to your registrar and actually update the A records to point to the new server.

    You may need to actually register new dns servers if the dns is hosted on the old box. I will be around tomorrow you know my contact info.

    Its ensure you have the right dns servers setup at your nameserver. Then ensure the dns servers have the correct a, mx .. records. Any control panel installed?

    Message me tomorrow if you still need help.
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