README FIRST: O.k i will admit this is the first big thing we have done in our lives, and we hope it goes well, please note that supporters will get free ad spots on our site and will get to be in a thank you list, not only that but we will have prizes for all supporters. Also supporters will get to have a ad on our newsletter for the people in need.

Who Are We:
We are here to help people, We want to make there lives better, but we cannot do this alone, we need your help.

What We Do To Help:
We are going to have our own kitchen located in Staten Island, New York. We are still looking for a small building to do this in (most likely it will be at Port Richmond Ave.) We are also going to provide a savings card to the people in need.

How Can You Help:
You can simply donate a few dollars by paypal or mail. (Please contact us (which is below) to donate.) Or you can send coupons to us and we will give them out to the people in need, by coupons we mean, pathmark saving coupons ect.... Or you can accept the savings card that we give to all the people in need. (Contact us for more information about the savings card.)

What The People In Need Will Get:
The people in need will get coupons, and will get a savings card (Discount Card) and for local people, they will get food.

Where Can The People In Need Use The Savings Card:
They can use it at our supporters stores/websites, if the supporter wants to help us, they can accept the supporters card, which will give a 1-10% discount on the total price.

Do You Need More Information:
Then, PM us or post here in this thread.

Contact Us:
By E-Mail: [email protected] (Will change once our website is finished.)
By Mail: (Please PM us to get our mailing address.)
By AIM: geosters

ANOTHER NOTE: I hope this all made sense, i am very scared for asking for help, because of the responses, but i am brave :-) god-bless everyone that supports us and that reads this thread.