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    Post credit card in plain text mail

    i made a purchase, site showed error, i've sent error report over mail...
    but unfortunately did not see that error report included credit card data

    what should i do, cancel right away or purchase goods at my website until reach limit ? how critical is it ??
    what would you do ?

    thank you

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    I would just keep a close eye on the transactions that are listed on your monthly bill for several months. If nothing shows up after that then you're probably safe.

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    who did you send the error report to? Someone you can trust? The same person who would have received your order? If so, don't worry about it. It isn't likely that your email got sniffed during transmission.

    If you sent the error report to someone you do not trust, then cancel the card.
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    I would cancel it, theres probally nothing to worry about but just in case, if you got it from a local bank you might be able to go to them and get a new one on the spot.

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