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    Hosting Layout For Sale - 75.00.

    Trying to sell a template I made a few weeks ago. Posted it for sale once and got no interest, so i'm lowering the price by half. I originally wanted 150.00 for it and a custom inside page, but I am now asking 75.00 for it.


    Index page .PSD

    I will make a custom inside page for 10.00 extra. I would just need you to send me the info to be placed on the page. Payment by paypal preffered, but will accept money order/check, etc.

    The layout:

    Aligned to the left:

    Aligned to center:

    You can PM me, reply here, or email me ([email protected]) if interested. Thanks.

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    Its awesome work so I had to reply to this topic, I can't believe it didn't go for $150.

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    Thanks for the comment. Yeah, i've sold enough layouts here to know that they RARELY sale for the asking price. I usually have to lower it a few times before makin a sale. Instead of taking small steps, I went ahead and lowered it by half in hopes of selling it.

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    lol, Now you should be able to sell it soon enough.
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    Is it $75 or 75 ?

    Excellent work btw.
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    Seems too cheap at $75 IMO. I would raise the price

    Good luck.

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    Well, lets put it this way. I will set the price at 100.00, and would be happy to sell it for that including a custom inside page, but if anyone is low on cash, i'll "let it go" for 75.00. There, better?

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    Layout still for sale. Will listen to all offers...

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