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    [WANTED] Level 1/2 Customer Care


    We are looking for LEVEL 1 & 2 Customer Care representatives to currently do ticket-based requests. We will be doing this on a per ticket basis as the volume is approximately 15-20 tickets per day.

    Company is fast growing and fun -- Remote Positions only.

    - Atleast 3 years of experience with cPanel web hostng
    - Must be able to answer sales related questions.
    - Must be prompt and reliable
    - Must be the age of at least 18 years of age.
    - Must be polite to customers.
    - Must speak fluent english and have proper e-mail etiquette.
    - Must be able to respond to tickets within 15-minutes of receipt

    Hours Available (EST)
    - 9am to 5pm
    - 5pm to 1am
    - 1am to 9am

    PM me if you are Interested. Thank you.
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    I assume you mean 5pm to 1am? A 20 hour shift would be kinda hard. ::grins:: Good luck!
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    Ahh yes, that is a typo. It should read 5PM to 1AM. Only I work 20 hours and get away with it, lol

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    is Vista Pages related to Hosting Plex in anyway? websites look similar

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    We are not related to HostingPlex. Please keep this on topic. We are looking for customer care reps and nothing more. Thanks.

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    Please PM.

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    Yes - also interested in amount of compensation!
    PM please.

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    I am intrested too..please PM me if you are intrested. Thanks.
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    Currently, tickets will swing from $0.75 to $1.00 USD per completed ticket. Eventually, hired person(s) will become hourly and earn a salary.

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    Why dont you just hire your cousin Kaumil at Hostingplex?

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    What he really needs is somebody like you Cephren, I bet you are really good with the customers, and you are probably very sharp when it comes to computers.

    Your WHT title says it all, Web Hosting Master.

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    Originally posted by Cephren
    Why dont you just hire your cousin Kaumil at Hostingplex?
    Kaumil is an active part of the administration here at VistaPages, Inc. Please stick to the topic; rather than causing a fuss.

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    You say that eventually the hired person will become hourly, could you be more specific in terms of time frame and hourly rate?

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    All positions are filled at the current moment.

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