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    * Legal to Spam with Acetechusa Host?

    I received an interesting spam message today, "How to fire your boss" which caught my eye.

    I opened up a new internet window, copied the link and went to the site.

    Turned out to be some spammer. I found out the IP, traced it back to a host named and noticed a phone number on top. I called them just to see if I could do anything about it over the phone.

    The person that I spoke to said it is legal to send spam as long as the person follow the Can Spam act.

    I told him it was illegal to send millions of spam messages to people who did not opt in.

    He replied saying it is legal as long as they alllow you to opt out. He wanted me to click on the opt out link, and confirm my e-mail address.

    The website that had spam is:

    You have to be pretty stupid to reply to a spam message with your e-mail address.

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    Re: Legal to Spam with Acetechusa Host?

    Originally posted by BobbyDouglas
    . . . The person that I spoke to said it is legal to send spam as long as the person follow the Can Spam act.
    He's probably right there, as there probably are loopholes in the 'Can Spam' act, that spammers are abusing. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    If he is right, which I sure hope not, but I am sure you would have a better idea than me, anyone who enters their e-mail has to be stupid, because spammers will know for sure the e-mail is legit. Catch 22

    I would think at some point you had to legally opt in to the spam list.

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    I just watched the movie and it seems to be some sort of pryramid scheme... thats not very comforting.
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    I am sure everyone here is smart enough to Never do business with a copmany that spams you - > It is pretty simple, use the from address to unsubscribe, and additionally any email addresses listed on their websites and whois. They just might get the message that spam is bad (but probably not), and if you are feeling particularly evil, "unsubscribe" all the other email addresses you got in other spam for the last week or 2!

    As an aside, if you think the scheme is a pyramid type, wander over to -> they deal with these sort of scum...
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    Report him to Profit Masters, Yes it is legal to spam within the confines of the Can Spam act, but Profit masters does not allow their members to spam. So contact Profit Masters, and get the guy's account closed (not hosting account, but affiliate account for the home based business).

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