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    getting users to click on adsense links?

    whats the key to getting users to click on the adverts on a page? ive just started the google adsense and i dont seem to be getting the click throughs.

    do u have any ideas on how to get more click throughs?

    or are there better affilliate site to use?

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    Did you make sure that your site receives a good amount of traffic and that your ads are content-related, and in a visible position on your web page.

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    A few tips:

    Place ad in a floating div tag directly below the heading so that the text flows around the ad.

    Heading and text of ad should match the color of the page text.

    Make sure all backgrounds match the page

    The 250x250 ad with text flowing around it for information pages seems to do pretty well.
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    I think making it match the page helps. I have heard a lot of people saying this. You can see soem examples by viewing a few of my sites:

    I also see many including them in actual text of an article. I dont have any examples of this though.
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    on this site: ive made them the match the site and ive put them into the left column ap[art from the home page as its not big enough.

    Deveilgod do you have an example of what you mean?

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