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Thread: OS Commerce Job

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    OS Commerce Job

    I put in a programming bid request on a website recently for the following job:

    Detailed explanation...

    We use business works (pervasiveSQL database driven and allows export to multiple file formats including xls / csv / ect.) for point of sale/inventory/accounting. We have over 2000 products in our computer store and need them on our website - oscommerce

    In the past we had an employee that exported our data to access and then uploaded it to oscommerce, but this employee is no longer working here and that method is to time consuming.

    We need a Good frontend that will allow us to add pictures / update prices based on percentages over cost or retail price and upload to 2 seperate sites (seperate pricing for each site)...

    We also need a way to add new products and discontinue old products.

    I received an offer from a nice guy in india and I am great with that but I only received 1 response..

    1. Does anyone here want to bid this job

    2. Has anyone ever had this type of programming outsourced before and did it yield good results?

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    We have had some good success with the following company, A family member of mine uses
    who customizes os and with good prices.
    Bruce Kurz
    Fair Price Hosting
    A Kurz Technologies Company

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    I can do custom OScommerce work.

    PM me if still interusted.


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    You might want to talk to Stone Edge as well


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    I happened to see misterfair's post recommending Just Two Girls. I just had to say, BIG MISTAKE. I used them and had the worst experience EVER. They took my money and then refused to release the site. In fact, she arbitrarily shut down my site, retained all my client files, my art files, my product photos and files -- everything. Refused to all me access to back up my files or provide me with a copy of my website on disk. This is a highly unethical outfit. I am not the only client who has had major problems with these people.

    You can read for yourself. Here are 10 pages of complaints against Just Two Girls and the owner Christina Barker Stevens.

    Go to http: // theswitchboards . com/ forum/ viewtopic.php?t=8401&start=135

    Do yourself a huge favor and take your money and throw it in the street instead. You'll feel much better throwing it away than having it stolen from you.

    M. Marsh

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