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    Question Telephone Payment

    I think telephone payment would be easier for the customers. Especially for customers who don't have a credit card and live in countries where PayPal is not available. Almost everybody has a cell phone and could simply send a SMS, or make a call to complete the payment.
    What do you think about telephone payment? Would you offer this as an alternative?
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    It is a viable option. The numbers costs quite a bit of money though to maintain each month. I do not think that most hosting companies could afford that where most do seem to want a merchant account or 3PP to be set-up for free.

    We looked into a few companies that offer the numbers and the keywords. The numbers are about $1,000 a month and the keywords were about $500 a month to maintain. SMS is a very large business in the UK, getting larger in Japan and the US

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    alot of cellphone providers do not allow international premium rate calls as they can be abused by scammers getting people to call a number that they don't realise is a premium rate.

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