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    Placement of Google ads

    I find that alot of sites display the google ads directly below the front page banner/header. I've also found sites that place google ads inside of articles/content.

    I've got a 3 column layout with the google ads placed on the right column below a couple of sections. Should I move it? Also, what do you think of google ads placed inside article text?

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    It "looks" nice but what are your goals with it?

    If you're hoping to convert those ads then they are in a bad place. Very few people will actually scroll down that far to click on the ads. You have the right idea in blending the title and text of the ads with the page so they don't look "addish" but some folks have anecdotal evidence to support that Google adsense ads convert best when on the left, above the fold.
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    I haven't had much experience with adsense, but I believe the best place to get clicks is the top of a website or the top left hand side. I usually won't scroll down on a website to click links and generally speaking the higher up the page an advert is the more chance it has of being clicked.

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    We used to place Adsense campaigns at the top-right of our sites. This year we revamped the campaigns.

    We started placing the ads after the first paragraph of content (or after the first post on forums). We also made sure the colours blended in with the rest of the site.

    These 2 factors (the ad positioning and colour-scheme) have resulted in the CTR going from around 0.5% to a little under 10%.

    I'm not sure how left vs. right skyscrapers compare, but our right-hand skyscrapers showed a huge improvement with the new blended colour-scheme.

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    You can use Adsense in order to display the Google ads. This is really good source to generate some revenue for your web-site as well as have the page rank up in the search engine.

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    what do you mean 'peage rank' up in the search engines?

    by placing adsense on your site, it will do no such thing.

    Google's pagerank formula is based on the amount of incoming links to your website.

    If you meant ranking in the results -- ranking is based on a range of things in there algorithm such as site structure, content, links coming into your site, anchor text and so forth.

    Adsense plays no part.
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    If you place your Adsense right after an article or something then people will usually click it because they want to learn more about that subject.

    That works for me

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    I have a lot of websites and I use google adsense on all of them. I agree that nearer the top is better, but for the most part I think adsense is a waste of page space.

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