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    1 time server optimization, backup, and security fixes

    This is a 2.8 Pentium system running Cpanel

    With RedHat Enterprise.

    And I use ThePlanet for my dedicated server host.

    Recently, my eximstats and another service has been failing. Since then, I've been receiving reports from Theplanet saying my server could be compromised. Then they say it's "doing bad things"

    tcorley-04/27/2005 11:01:05):
    Your server does not appear to be compromised. However, it appears the root user has been doing some very bad things.

    Here is the snippet from the root .bash_history file:

    ./x 12.153
    ./j 6667
    rm -rf uniq.txt log.txt
    ./x 205.128
    rm -rf uniq.txt log.txt
    ./x 128.231
    ./x 198.123
    tail -f log.txt
    ./x 128.155
    ls -a
    rm -rf uniq.txt log.txt
    ./x 150.144
    rm -rf uniq.txt log.txt
    ./x 169.154
    ./japan uniq.txt
    ./rewt uniq.txt
    ./german uniq.txt
    ./x 139.88
    ./scan 137.78
    ./scan 137.78 22
    ./scan 137.79 22
    pico male.c
    gcc -o male male.c -lssh
    rm -rf male.c
    ./male uniq.txt
    ./scan 128.183 22
    ./male uniq.txt
    ./j 6667
    ./j 80
    ./sl 22
    ./j 22
    ./j 80
    ./j 22
    ./j 80
    ./j 80
    ./j 80
    ./j 80
    ./j 6667

    This type of activity is prohibited on our network. Please look into this matter and report back. Thanks.

    What I need is a one-time job...

    1) Server optimization, and any patches and upgrades it needs.

    2) Backup all the files into a directory on my server so I can download and tell me how to reload everything. Setup a cpanel auto-back and let me know how to use it.

    3) fix of this security issue.

    Will pay half upfront, other half after job is done.

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    I can look into this for you as well. I have over 5 years experience working with Linux/Unix servers

    You can contact me via email at adamtuttle[at]

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    I can look in to it. PM me if you are intrested.
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    Guys, can you PM me with a quote? I do have a budget, thanks very much

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