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    video upload and dl/streaming

    Hi there, i have a website running on dedicated server. so i plan to let ppl upload their home video clips so everyone else can watch them. i am new to video streaming so here are my questions:

    1. how do i make them upload it? can anyone give me a recommended size? i plan to have them upload through a form so if it is too big. the browser might hang. apparently i cant let them email. FTP is too much of a hassle.

    2. should i do streaming or download? i like how myspace is doing those videos. how do i do that?

    much appreciated

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    windows or linux?

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    linux, running php

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    Why is ftp too much of a hassle?
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    because these people are kinda low tech so they will have a lot of problems using ftp

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    In this case you will have to either allow anonymous FTP for the visitors to upload the files and later on you can move those files to the desired location or you can create a seperate FTP account with the permission limited to access only a particular directory under public_html and then create a hyperlink as "ftp://<ftpuser>@domainname/"

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