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    Interpromicro? Rackmountsetc? Rackmountmicro?

    Who would you guys go with? I know interpromicro is a little more well known and they have fair prices so I'm learning toweards them, any other suggestions?

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    Colomachine, actually (and from the experience's i've heard).

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    Rackmountmicro has been awesome for us. Many machines and networking equipment were procured through them and we've never once had an issue that couldn't be easily resolved.

    Customer support and warranty are also top notch which was a big reason we went with them.
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    Anyone used both Rackmountmicro and Rackmountsetc?

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    I'd reccomend ComputerLink over both.
    Awesome vendor, they go the extra mile...
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    I have used Rackmountsetc. My friend that I share rackspace with has used Rackmountmicro. Our provider has used both. In my dealings with both RME and RMM (pre-sales) and the opinions of two other people, I think the consensus is RMM is a better choice. For the price I got my machine through RME for, I can't complain, but the fact that my tracking number did not work (and I could not get in touch with anyone for the entire time the server was shipped), combined with the fact that the server was shipped to the DC with no OS installed, gives me the opinion that RMM is the greater of the two. Clark is very helpful and knowledgable and I'm looking forward to dealing with him for a number of servers in the near future.

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    We have used rackmountmicro in the past and they are very good at what they do. Definately worth consideration.
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    I sincerely appreciate the praise everyone Thank you all for the kind words!

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    Thanks all, anyone else used both?

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    Interpromicro - Great Quality, price are not the best.

    Rackmountsetc - Excellent Prices

    I'll try RMM next week.
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    Originally posted by NSCNAP Jeff
    Colomachine, actually (and from the experience's i've heard).
    Colomachine is excellent. We needed a server in a hurry once, and they allowed us to pick up a server in person at their warehouse during a holiday. The prices are also great.
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