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Thread: Win2k3 SP1

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    Win2k3 SP1

    Well I was one of those unlucky few who installed SP1 on my SM server, and the lame thing locked me out. After about 15 minutes a tech was able to get in and open up the RD port for me.

    Funny thing is, on the SM forums, they claim you have to run the security wizard in order to be locked out. Since this is 100% untrue, it makes you wonder ...

    Anyways, now that IIS and RD works properly. I need to be able to open up ports so FTP and well, everthing else that is running, access to the outside world. The Win2k3 firewall is not enabled (that would suck). However, something is blocking ports in a bad way ...

    Anybody know how I can fix up Win2k3 so that it will re-open previously (before sp1) ports? Unfortunately, the tech never told how he was able to open up the rd port.. grr.

    Side Note: Due to a bug in IIS6 that allowed anybody to remotely shutdown IIS at any time, I was forced to upgrade which suposily fixed that bug.
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    You need to run the security wizard, maybe your case is just plain unlucky. Have you check the TCP filter if you have enabled the ports you want? That would be 3389 for the RDP port.

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