I have a client who just had his domain transferred from under his nose from a company called HWF who are very hard to contact to PACNAMES who basically blocked the domain without so much as a bye your leave.

I have contact their support people and got a pile of rubbish back from them about logging into an email address called [email protected] in order to get a password to renew the domain. I might add at this junture that the domain was fully paid up. Of course the email with the password never arrrived because the domain is blocked. (duh!) I would have thought they would have known that it would not get there. The server is set to send all unrecognised email to the main account so if the domain were active it would drop into that account.

I pointed this out to them and I got a reply from support that I should fax a copy of a credit card plus signature to a US Fax number which I have no intention of doing but am now in a state of limbo as to what to do next. Their support have stopped replying to emails and there is no telphone number call these people on and my client uses this as his main and only selling domain.

I have registered another domain for him with godaddy as I think that these people have just hijacked his domain even though he is still the registered person on the whois info.

Any ideas, info from anyone???