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    * Web Design Business for Sale 3 clients 2 jobs currently 2004 profit: 9K


    Due to personal reasons I am no longer able to maintain my web design business, Oasis Web Solutions. I made a protfit of $9000 for approx. three months of work. My business includes:

    1) Oasis Web Solutions web template.
    2) Domain name good for three years, with email forwarding, DNS locking and nameservers registered
    3) 3 clients total, One client has many referrals, one of the three clients is a referral from this one.
    4) Two webdesign projects: two simple paypal based estores, template based, $75 paid per website. I already started graphic design work, so this is just a matter of finishing it.
    5) Ownership of all of my purchased templates, and my original completed and unfinished works.
    5) An example of the type of work I did is available at:
    6) Names and contact information to contact current clients.
    7) Gmail account: [email protected]

    These projects currently pay a minumum of $150, one of my clients also has many other referrals that I hadn't the time to start on. If you're looking for 7+ clients this is a good opportunity. One client is looking for a help support service for his webhosting business. If you have a help desk, this may be a good buy.

    Since the deadline for these projects is early to mid May, bidding starts at $50 or best offer . I will accepting offers today, but I need a quick reply so that may transfer these projects and you can still meet deadline. I can accept payments via paypal.

    My aim is [email protected], and my email is: [email protected]

    You may also PM me.

    Feedback is welcome.

    Good luck, and happy bidding!
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    I'm now accepting offers of at least $20. Once again, happy bidding!
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    this is your website and template?

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    No, the domain points to, my former host. The hosting has just expired. You will need to have a host to host the website.

    The website (created from a template is here) along with sample work is posted here:
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    Can you provide some type of proof that you have those clients?

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    Yes. PM me for their contact information. One of the clients that can be contacted is:
    Jeff at [email protected]
    The name of the comapant is Obina Enterprises, and ask about Kia from Oasis Web Solutuions.

    More contacts are available by PM basis.

    I will provide all contacts including phone numbers (My clients like to discuss design via phone) upon pruchase. Again, thanks for looking.
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    Also, my current work in progress is available at:

    This includes the work that I'm doing for Obina Enterprises and LadyBabyCakes Boutique.
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    I made a protfit of $9000 for approx. three months of work.
    Yet you are charging $75 for an "estore" ?

    How do you generate enough turnover to produce $9000 profit in 3 months from jobs like this.
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    This was since for the third client I developed the GUI for an ASP.NET driven backoffice system. This resulted in a commercial C# object library named Euphoria. The price broke down to $15/hr. Quite a different beast. The paypal estore is quite simple in comaprison. I will include their contact info since I occasionally receive requests from this client.
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    Let me clarify wat I mean by estore. I consider it actally quite simple because:

    1) The eStore is *not* database driven. All the clients requested was a simple html link to pay paypal to A FEW items. The purpose of the website is not an estore.

    2) A database driven estore in the future will have a negotiable and higher price. Name your price. The deadline for the real store is not in may. You can name your turnaround time and price.

    3) Becuase of the quick deadline, a database driven estore was not offered. I repeat, the $75 is for a Static site. You will name your price for a full database driven eStore later. All the clients want at this point is something posted to reserve webspace. (Static site, some links via paypal, no ASP,PHP, etc database programming for the store at this point)

    I hope this answers some questions.
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    Oh yes, I forgot to mention that there are banners and simple illustrator based ads in the future. Obina Enterprises wants a postcard ad in the future, for a PC repair division, and the other client, LadyBabyCakes would also like a business card based on the flyer that I created in illustrator and will send you. My clients tend to return on a requalr basis for other tasks. Since we haven't started on these projects yet, you can again name your price and turnaround time.
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    SOLD! Thanks to all for participating!
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    says he was taking bids for the next 30 minutes,then in less than 10 minutes says it has been sold...
    maybe for the best for me

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    Sorry my error. I though it was 30 min, and only 15 had passed. My appologies.
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