Recently I created a set of scripts (just a working core) that allows users to create their own Invision board on your site. I was asked to create this script, but once I'd finished the core of it, I was bombarded with questions, feature requests, and more things I won't mention, by the person I wrote it for. To make matters worse, the person has zero knowledge of PHP or MySQL.

I'll never use the script myself, and I want *someone* to make good use of my 14 hours (straight) of hard work. I'm sure once I give up on this person they'll probably just delete it and my 14 hours will be wasted!

I'm looking for a few people well-versed in PHP and MySQL that's willing to take over the script, edit it, build on to it, etc and use it for themselves.

Oh yeah, I'm not asking anything in return, seriously. I just don't want my work to go to waste! I have several other scripts I use to sell, that I'm giving away for this same reason.

If you're seriously interested in running an Invision hosting service, let me know. You can reply to the thread, I'll check back occasionally.

PS: I'm writing the same for phpBB2 (I already started, might as well finish!) and I'll be looking for someone to do the same for this one.