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    Need a simpler shopping cart

    Most of the companies that I design websites for do NOT have monstrous selections of products. So I need a relatively simple shopping cart. I have a few sites running with ClickCartPro, but it's really designed to BE the website. That is, you populate the database with items and let it take over.

    They display 'x' rows of 'y' items. Boring.

    I want to design the web pages and include snippets of code that will allow you to put something in your cart, and THEN let the shopping cart software run things.

    One thing that I *did* like about ClickCartPro was the ability to create a custom shipping algorithm. The formula of $5.95 for the first pound and $3.50 for each addl pound isn't great if the item weighs 1/2 oz and costs $1.50 to purchase.

    But CCP had a few serious problems, and they don't offer tech support.

    Can anyone recommend anything that might suit my needs? Thanks in advance.

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    Based on those requirements, I would strongly recommend you take a look at ShopSite.

    It comes in 3 versions to accomodate various levels of functionality as well as contains the ability to operate as a stand alone solution or integrate into an existing site....

    Hope this helps...

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