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John F Leach


A position as an electrical systems design or development engineer. Fields include semiconductor process automation and circuit integration methodology.

Electrical Skills

* Microprocessor hardware and software design using embedded control applications written in assembly and C languages
* Microcontroller debugging, IO techniques, and interrupts using PC-based software development tools
* RF CAD schematic entry, component modeling, layout methods, circuit simulation and analysis principles
* Construction and design of interface cards used in developing custom applications written in C and Basic
* Implementation of digital and analog interfacing using memory devices, programmable logic devices, and standard IC logic chips
* Signaling and bus timing pattern analysis within memory systems
* Manufacture and assembly of PCBs using automatic placement tools and automated soldering equipment with an emphasis in SMT
* Circuit analysis techniques used in power and RF electronics, including bipolar junction and field effect transistors, RF amplifiers, PLLs, and switching power supplies

Networking Skills

* Fluent in Cisco (2900/3500XL, 2950, 3550, 4500, 6500) platforms
* Configuring and troubleshooting OSPF, HSRP, and BGP protocols
* Fluent in spanning-tree, dot1q trunking, portchannelling, VLANs, and other common L2/L3 protocols
* Fluent with configuring ip permit lists and ACLs

Software and OS

* Cadence Virtuoso and DFII Framework, PowerSPICE, HSPICE, Spectre, PSpice, Keil Assembler, Atmel Compilers, AutoCAD, Electronics Workbench, Waveform Editors
* Platforms: 10 Years of UNIX (Linux, AIX, BSD, Solaris), 10 years of MS Windows, 3 years of Cisco IOS and CatOS


IBM Systems and Technology Group - EDA Software Development Engineer
Essex Junction, VT - 06/04-Current

* Supported existing EDA toolsuite under AIX and Linux
* Developed IO Punch Data cloning for ASICs, Developed Psuedocell Generation for Synopsis .lib generation
* Automation experience in TCL, perl, nutshell, etc.

IBM Global Services - Network Management Professional
Essex Junction, VT - 06/01-06/04

* Supported network infrastructure for IBM Microelectronics customer while participating in a 24/7/365 on-call rotation with team members
* Configured, maintained, and installed Cisco switching and routing hardware for token ring to Ethernet conversion while providing a steady state network for customer migration
* Programmed over 75 UNIX scripts to automate and standardize network data collection, analysis, and ease troubleshooting using Expect, Kornshell, TCL, and Perl languages
* Wireless LAN focal for Burlington site; conducted RF site surveys, advised proper channel selection and data encryption protocols
* Opened 100+ TAC cases with Cisco for hardware, software, or bug problems
* Experience configuring network security features and applying APARs to multiple systems to adhere to IBM corporate policies
* Maintained HTML documentation for network security and processes
* Fluent in SMF and MMF optic construction and troubleshooting
* Department security focal for audit readiness, ensuring proper business controls were in place and adhered to

Lear Corporation - Manufacturing Engineer and Internship
Grand Rapids, MI - 05/98-08/00

* Designed assembly line, using process flow and equipment specifications and updated plant layout with new line using CAD
* Designed tooling used in vibration testing of finished products
* Created CAD tooling drawings of machinery fixtures for ISO9001
* Improved process capability by implementing a new gauge system in conjunction with adjusting SPC parameters for manufacturing tools


Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN - 1997-2001

* Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology (May 2001), specializing in Computer Engineering Technology with Network Integration
* Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology (May 1999)