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    Acess Keyz

    Hi, this is jay with im a new web-hosting company out there in the market. I was wondering do anyone know of a good auto account creator that is FREE because we used all our funds to buy the servr and advertisement. Can you please help anyone ASAP! thankz

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    Modern bill and WHM Autopilot are both excellent pieces of software. Modern Bill has the edge though

    Edit; This is assuming you run a cPanel server.

    These scripts are not free, however you won't find any that match them. They cost round about $19 US per month. For a more in depth look into scripts you may want to check out
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    Their is something free some where...

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    accountlab used to be free but since the fantastico owners purchased it I believe they had done away with the ad sponsored version of it. To my knowledge phpcoin is still free mind you phpcoin is obviously no match for clientexec or modernbill. Running ce myself as well as many other providers do.

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    just a script

    im only looking for a script to encode in my already built html website... any ideas?

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