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    paid remotely hosted forums and chat rooms

    Looking for recommendations for remotely hosted message boards and chat rooms. Want paid service so there aren't pop-ups.


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    Any standard host that includes MySQL and Fantastico will suit your requirements.

    I reccomend you look around the hosting offers section for the best package
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    Yes... phpBB and entropy/java chat are there with cPanel (guess without fantastico also)..though fantastico gives you many more scripts..

    And ofcourse when you pay for the serrvice, there wont be any ads.. Search WHT and read reviews about various hosting companies.. before that, you might need to estimate disk and bandwidth requirements for your website

    Also since forums/message boards grow gradually, choose a host that allows you to upgrade smoothly without problem...and hey also check higher plans of the host beforehand... Best of Luck!
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  4. Yep, as the others said... if you're willing to get your hands a tiny bit dirty, almost any standard host'll do.
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    ooops, I guess I wasn't clear.

    I don't need a host. I'm looking for a company that specializes/offers
    remotely hosted message boards and chatrooms.

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