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    Online advertising

    Has anyone ever heard of "e-Search technology" by Apex. Their URL is or

    They contacted me about one of the ecommerce sites that I manage. They informed me that they could have the ecommerce site listed in the top ten of all search engines for one year.

    Being some what SEO savy, I kinda question this because their is no way that they can gurantee that the site will be listed in the top ten for an entire year for that amount.

    Has any one heard of them or had any dealings with them? To me this looks like a fly by the night operation. I have not really found anything on google, MSN or in this forum on them.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Well I would say that its impossible. What if they get 11 customers in the same sector all on the same keywords. They can't take all top 10 places. Also it does sound like it would be a mixture of door way pages and lots of other things that would get you baned from Google et al

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    I just found some information on them at:

    ESearch Online E Search Online ApexSearch Apex Search (look out):
    another SEO firm out of Vegas that is allegedly cold calling people.

    apexesearch seems like a scam

    anyone have feeback on apexesearch

    I did not find any legitimate backlinks into the apexesearch site. The only one I found in Google was from a forum solicitation by a guy by the name of Sincity

    Sincity would like to offer you...

    Big money for account executives - work anywhere in the country

    High Risk Banking

    SEO Services

    In that forum post it states:

    real results refferences provided in business since 1996 no cusomer complaints EVER!!!!

    and yet its registration details state

    Registered through: (
    Domain Name: APEXESEARCH.COM
    Created on: 20-Apr-04

    Created on: 22-Dec-04

    I did not see any meaningful company information on their company information page either Some people are wondering if this firm has anything to do with Traffic Power. If any SEO calls you up out of the blue trying to tell you that you MUST buy something TODAY then odds are they are NOT worth buying from. Cold calls = crap. Traffic

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    I'd stay away.

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    2 other interesting posts about this so called SEO god.

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    We had a woman contact us once complaining about getting little traffic on her site and asked us for help. She told me she had already spent 6 Thousand Bucks for keywords from a place in Vegas. I looked at her site and you guessed it - no keywords!
    People really have to be careful with places that "guarentee" the world.
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    search for SEO in a few search engines, if they are any good they should be in the top 3 of most

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    They can make you top 10 in a search for your company name in every search engine pretty easily. You probably already are, unless there's another site with the same name.

    "Top 10" in what.. is the quqestion.
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    Is it allowed for promote it here?

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