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    Merchant Account Portugal

    Does anybody know which Portuguese banks can provide a merchant account?
    After one hour on the phone with MillenniumBCP the answer I get is that they donít know if they do or not. It is more difficult because I donít actually speak Portuguese. Or does anyone know how to translate internet merchant account into Portuguese?


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    I think is "processamento de cartao de credito"

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    Well, there are no merchant accounts in Portugal, actually customers have the ability to process cards but some what different.

    Visa/MasterCard arn't present in Portugal, they instead relegate the job to Unicre wich is the company that runs cards here in Portugal.

    I don't know the actual scneario of your customer but your choices are:

    1) MBNet ( it will give the merchant the abilit to accept cards (visa, mc, amex)


    2) Call Unicre ( and have them setup a credit card processing facility.

    The way this works is like a batch file sent every day to their system on a daily bases

    Either way, compared to US Prices, you can find this to be a bit expensive.

    Last time I checked MBNet costed about 100 - 150 euros a month

    Unicre prices are based on your overall market. The more your volume of sales the less expensive it will be. But the low end overall volume. Eg: <=$5,000/month it will also be something like 100 - 150 euros a month

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    On a side note BCP or MillenniumBCP didn't understood what you talked about otherwise they would sent you to MBNet or Unicre

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    Hi, thank you for your replies. I will look a bit more into these options. You are right I'm not sure they did understand. Am I right in thinking these options would be a bit like Worldpay? Also would either be able to process in UK pounds as most of our customers ar UK based.

    Thanks a lot


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    Mike, You might want to look into a offshore merchant account. Many provide multi currencies to process funds for your clients needs. I wouldn't worry so much on obtaining a Portuguese merchant account, but one that works for your business model, and has decent rates and fees.

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    WorldPay is an alternative and yes because worldpay processes in multi currency you can choose to process pounds and euros for example. Personally my experience wasn't very good with worldpay but that's another subject.

    You can also try 3pp if you are short on cash and don't wish to setup a merchant account or off-shore or others

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    I am in Portugal and trying to accept payments in USD and have them delivered to my portuguese account. What do you suggest ?

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    There are several options for you, like WireCard, EuroConnex and Telekurs.

    Just make a search on google and check for Payment Processors and you will find alot of companies that are able to help you.

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    You have several different solutions available to you as many processors in Europe will be able to set up a direct merchant account for your directly through an acquiring bank. Here is a list of reputable companies in Europe who will be able to set this up for you and can also support multicurrency:

    WorldPay (although they normally require set up fee around 300 pounds I believe)

    As they are official resellers for different acquirers, they will be able to get a lower rate with the acquiring bank than a merchant individually will get.

    Hope this helps.

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