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    Arrow 32 Professional Logos for Sale

    Many members on these boards have asked me to create logos for them and over the time I have created a vast portfolio of over 50 professional logos. I infact encountered an overload of demand for my logos and had made up my mind to create a site similar to pixel logo .com to seel my logos . With this in mind I went on to create 32 logos for this project but I have found it difficult to find time . i recently bought a dedicated server and thus cannot host them up right now .

    I would like to offer these 32 logos for sale . Since I only want interested people to question me , I will show all of them to you only on demand .

    I will expect quotes in proportion to the quality of these logos which i guarantee you is great. I will only sell all of them together.

    You will recieve full rights to whatever you wish to do with them .
    You will also recieve all files including non commercial fonts and PSD's/ AIs.Its great for anyone thinkin of starting such a business or simply looking to resell some logos to clients.
    Should you be interested please use the following methods only -

    MSN - [email protected]
    Email - [email protected]

    I have no alternative emails currently as I am still transferring my files and DNS to the new server .

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    email sent. good luck

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