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    Need advice about server security!

    Hi all,

    Can anyoner recommend a company/individual that could take security steps on my server?

    My server provider has emailed me several times, about problems my server is causing - today, it is:

    We've received a complaint that your server is attempting to hack SSH logins
    on another machine. Please look into the matter and open a trouble ticket
    within 24 hours describing how you intend to resolve this matter.

    Failure to comply within 24 hours will result in disruption of service.

    We thank you in advance for your swift cooperation in this very important
    and similar incidents, such as Ddos attacks.

    I'm looking for someone to look through the server, tidy it up, give it a basic security update etc, and at a budget price (or as budget as you can get!)

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance

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    You can try looking for linuxguy , see if he is online, he has two security plans at I normally use his plan 2.

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    Managed secure dedicated server providers:
    Rackspace, allmanaged, dedicated central, rack911.

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