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    [FOR HIRE] (x)html, css, php, mysql, designing


    I am a 19 year old student from the Netherlands and I am offering my design/coding skills to anyone who needs a freelance job done or to companies that are looking for a full-time employee.

    So far I have done three jobs and haven't heard a complain so far. Obviously I haven't done a lot of jobs yet but I have coded as a hobbyist for a long time.

    I don't think you should email me with big scripts that require every php knowledge there is but I have coded scripts like these for example:
    - secure login system
    - news system
    - content management system (not as advanced as they go, but advanced enough)
    - other scripts that are of the same level or below.
    - Photoshop and Dreamweaver designs

    I can provide you with similar scripts or scripts that require the same level of expertise.
    If anyone would be interrested in my services please contact me via email: mail [at] jeanke [dot] nl.

    Jean M.

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    Email sent.

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