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    Post 7 point checklist to choose a web hosting service

    Before you can launch your web site, you'll need to engage the services of a web hosting company.

    A web host, quite simply, allows you to rent space on a web server. Your web pages are then stored on this server, and the host computer allows other people connected to the Internet to view them.

    There are literally hundreds of web hosting companies to choose from. How to choose the right one?

    As with trying out any new service, you won't really know how good a web hosting company is until you try it. Therefore, ask around and see whether you can get any recommendations from those who already use a web hosting company. You might also want to consider how long the company has been in business, how reliable it is known to be, and how expensive it would be if you want to upgrade your plan in future.

    Other areas to consider include:

    Disk space
    How much disk space do you need? Does you website have less than 10 pages? You'll need only a small amount of space. Is it a huge site that has thousands of pages? You'll be needing a lot of disk space. Most web hosting plans limit how much space you will have, so make sure the plan you choose meets your needs.

    E-mail accounts
    How many e-mail accounts do you need? You'll probably need one for each employee and one for each department (sales, accounts, support). Make sure you purchase a hosting plan that has enough e-mail accounts. Also, do you want full POPS access, Web-based e- mail, or both?

    Data transfer
    How much data do you need to transfer? Most hosting plans limit how much data transfer you are allotted each month. If you expect a lot of people to visit your site, you'll need a plan that allows for plenty of data transfer.

    Will you be selling goods or services through your site? If not, there's no need to sign up for an e-commerce web hosting service. If you are, e-commerce web hosting services such as shopping cart software, SSL support and a merchant account will be vital.

    Database, script and extension support
    Some hosts will try to blind you with all the features they provide: Frontpage, MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL, Peri support, PHP support, ASP support and SSI support. Do you really need all these features? If not, make sure you are not paying for extras you'll never use.

    Operating systems
    Do you want a UNIX hosting plan or a Windows hosting plan? Unix is the most commonly used operating system among Web servers. It is known for its flexibility, reliability and stability. Windows hosting plans give you the ability to utilize many forms of dynamic content and specialized databases. Windows hosting plans are often used for sites utilizing Frontpage, ASP, MS Access databases, MS SQL Servers and other Microsoft applications.

    Is customer and technical support available 24/7? Can you easily get through on the customer support hotline? Or are you on hold for hours?

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    You listed everything I look for.

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    If one plans to host a forum, is it a good idea to go for a host that offers 'unlimited' mysql databases, even if the host is a reputable one?
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    Technically, having 'unlimited' MySQL databases is a feasable statement since the host is speaking in terms of not limiting your amount. It's like getting a 'lifetime guarantee' on a product. Obviously most products will not last your whole life but in these cases the Company is referring to the lifetime of the product which is defined by the Company.

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    Looks good to me!

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    Nice one

    Infact jDynamic you have listed all the points we are looking for. Thanks for a superb tutorial.

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    Additionally, when you're looking at "unlimited" features (mysql databases, emails, subdomains, etc) - Keep in mind that if you can save a few dollars elsewhere (if everything else is the same, except the price and feature count) - do so.

    You're probably not going to use more than 5-10 databases or even emails/subdomains/etc.

    Unlimited features also is limited to your account specifications. If you have 50mb webspace, you sure aren't going to be able to fit a million databases on your account.

    jDynamic, your tutorial was exceptionally well written and very concise. Thanks. =)

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