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    Server take over

    I have one old server in ServerMatrix purchased in June 2004 from their special offer for $300 setup which I paid then to get lowest monthly fees and with free control panels or Cpanel or Helm.

    Server details are:
    P4 2.8 HT
    1 GB RAM
    80 GB HD
    1200 GB monthly bandwidth - ThePlanet-ServerMatrix regular bandwidth.
    8 ips (5 usable)

    Now it have Windows 2003 Standart installed with Helm control panel.

    Monthly fee is $89 - including all above.

    Transfer fee not must to pay, only if you wish to open new account - so ServerMatrix will charge you $75 one-time setup fee, but ServerMatrix said me that I can transfer my existing account to new person and he will not need to pay any setup fees in this case.

    All I want is $100 setup fee - to cover a part of my first setup fee.

    Server is paid till end of this month April and is cancelled since May 1 - but if someone want it now - he still can take over ownership till end of April.

    Please contact [email protected] or by PM if you wish to purchase it.

    To say frankly I was not satisfied with network speed of my server and also I would recommend fro new owner to pay for OS reload.

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    can we get OS Reload to LINUX & CPanel as control panel?

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    After you will take server ownership you can order OS reload from ServerMatrix directly - they will charge you $25 fee plus tax.
    And you will get also CPanel there - since it is server from their free control panel offer.
    It was purchased from here:
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    Do you have MSN or ICQ ?

    I want server take over.

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    Eyes4U, I sent you our ICQ and MSN details by PM.
    Note that I have already few people asked for server and it will be taken by first who pay us setup fee.
    I will sent 2Checkout payment link by email or PM.

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    Re: Server take over

    is this still available?

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    Some person already paid setup fee but he still not sure that ServerMatrix will accept his credit card.
    Now need to wait about 24 hours - if he still will have problems so server will be still available, if not server is sold.

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    thank you if this does not work please PM me I will take it over for you, I already have an account in orbit and have done this in the past so I can guaranty that it will work.

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