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    Eroute Hosting Review

    Hello there, I didn't find much about eroute here so I thought I would help contribute to the community since I have previously used their services. Ok, the history is that I've hosted 2 domains (which they've purchased for me) and I've been with their service on 2 seperate occassions for well over a year total.

    I'm not going to break this into 'good, bad' sections as I've experienced things that you might not consider the same as I do.

    The first 8 months I was with them, I had slight problems for one month about 3 months in. I couldn't connect via ftp, basically. I don't consider that a 'problem' persay, but it somewhat can be when uploading large amounts of data and you want in depth stats on the progress. Keep in mind, I don't know much about CPanel, because they didn't offer that. They took it upon themselves to get back in contact with me, keeping me updated on the progress of the process to fix the problem, near every 6-12 hours without my asking them to do so. I commend them for that. Also, they gave me a free month of hosting that I again didn't even ask for! To move along, once that problem was fixed all was perfect until I decided to take the site offline for awhile. In their FAQ's they state clearly, that they purchase the domain on your, the consumers, behalf. Well, to an extent they may, but not as well. They registered both of the domains I've hosted with them under their company's name. That may be common, but I was told it is not. It may also vary company to company, I don't know. I never could get their sales, nor tech support to hand my domain back over to me. It basically died under their name.

    The second time I was with them, the service was a dream! They always had wonderful uptime and fast servers. I was with them for 5 months before deciding to change and just try my luck with a different company for slightly smaller cost considering my traffic was much lower. Well, I once again requested my domain back and it was stressful wondering if I would get it back, but I did in the end. It took them 4 days to reply to basically 1 email explaining I'd like it transfered to me. That's the only time tech support was slow at all. But once it was transfered to me, they asked for conformation that It was transfered and that I was happy.

    So if I were to rate them, I'd rate them an A. Support lacks when you part ways, but it's still there and friendly which shows customer care, past or present. The only reason I decided to switch is due to basically wanting to dip my toes into uncharted waters and also price. I ask for very little really, due to lower traffic as I said, and just thought I could atleast try something different and return later if I'm not satisfied elsewhere.

    All in all, I highly recommend them to users who can step away from CPanel and do things the manual way (which was terrific experience for me). Expect very friendly support, fast servers and comfort in knowing you're taken care of. I do, however, recommend purchasing your own domain in your name and pointing it to their servers yourself. Thanks for reading, I hope this helps someone. I appologize for the bad layout, but I didn't feel I could break it down into sections.

    eroute dot net <-- (i hope thats ok, i know i can't post actual links at this point though)

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    Thanks for the review, I am more than sure users researching into hosting with this provider will find your review helpful.

    Keep us posted.
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