My name is Abelicio Padilla and I am currently looking for a position as a Technical Support Rep.

I have been involved in the hosting industry since 2002. I have served as a support representative in the past and have an Associates Degree in PC Technology/Networking. I also manage a dedicated server of my own that hosts many personal and sites of friends and family. I have extensive customer service training and my written skills are above average.

I am looking to get in with a company that treats it's employees as good as it treats it's clients. The ideal company will allow me to work between the hours of 10pm and 6am MST as my day is full.

I am a well rounded person with a technical background. I am a volunteer in my community and serve as treasurer for the local little league in my area and am an athletic coach at the local high school. As you can see, I deal with many people and problems on a daily basis.

I can provide a resume and references upon request. I will consider all offers, both hourly and per-ticket. You can either PM me on these forums, or email me at: abelicio [@] gmail dot com.

Thank you for your consideration.