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    Thumbnail Generation Code

    Hi folks,

    I am building a PHP script, and it needs to show 150x150 thumbnails of bigger images. I have been trying and trying to do this myself, but none of the code I'm making seems to be working.

    What I need, is a function, this function should be thumb($image); with $image being the location of the image, the function then has to make the image small, and output the image.

    I want to be able to use that function, something like this;

    <?=thumb("images/thumbnails/" . $imagename)?>

    And for that to output as a table row * naturally * with the image with max dimensions of 150 x 150, I would like it to be smoothed a bit too.

    My budget is $15, if you have done something like this before and KNOW you can do it, e-mail me [email protected]. I will pay upon completion, I need it within the next few hours, I can pay by PayPal.

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    I have some ideas. Shoot me a message on AIM at n0tx.
    Matthew G.

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    email sent.

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    Job completed by Paul Embry.

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