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    FreeVPS or Linux Vserver

    Any can give exactly which have better performance and features as well as stability?

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    We use Free VPS via H-Sphere and it has little issues. It did have some kernel issues but in the last update that has been resolved. I am sorry but not familiar with the other VPS OS but I can say FreeVPS works well for us and have very few support issues related to the FreeVPS OS.

    Good luck!
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    So have you proide freevps vps server?

    is it good and stable?

    do you have msn or icq or im?

    pm me.
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    do you mean UML (user-mode linux)? Just checking, but I doubt it.

    Probably whatever you have has the same issues as UML.

    I'm not an expert though, don't trust me!

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    no i means freevps[dot]com
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