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    email goes out blank

    recently a client has been having a problem where certain emails he replies to goes out blank. the subject is fine, just the body is blank. does not always happen though, and sometime when one email is sent to many people, some will get it fine, while others get blank emails!

    he is using outlook, and they are using kerio mailserver internally (just to store the emails on imap internally), but connect to our server via pop.

    also, over the last few days, he has not been able to recieve certain attachments. say if he is sent a 300kb attachment, you can see outlook downloading 300kb, but it displays the email without the attachment (and its not a security or attachment block issue either).

    this one has got me totally stumped. any help is greatly appreciated!.

    thanks guys

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    Which mail server are you using ?

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    sorry mate, not sure exactly what you are asking so i will try and give as much enough as possible:

    mail sent to client goes to out server (dedicated, cpanel)
    his outlook then downloads the email from our server via POP3
    and stores it in the Kerio mail store (so they can be accessed by his assistant)

    mail is not sent or received via kerio, it is dont directly between outlook and my server. kerio is only used to give the ability for the asssitant to be able to edit his emails / calender.


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    It is a complicated arrangement but nevertheless should be workable.

    Sorry, I wasn't clear about my question. I was wondering what server is used ultimately to send out the emails for your clients ? That is probably what you should be looking at. Is there any mail logs to look at ?

    I would assume that at the time of editing, the emails are still viewable ? Are they sent as HTML based email or text based emails ?

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    They are sent out from our server, which is a standard cpanel type server (exim etc.)

    Mails are mainly sent out in plain text.

    Sometimes when an email is sent out, and other people are copied in, most will receive it fine, but some may get blank emails.

    Does anyone know if kerio stores email in a different format, which might be causing this problem?


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