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    Miva Merchant Help: How to make it fixed width?

    Hello All,

    I work for a web hosting company. They have assigned up a job knowledge building project. It is to construct a ficticious Miva store, so we can better understand how Miva works and inturn provide better support to our customers. So far its coming along good. However, I hate how miva merchant is a variable width system depending on the resolution of the users computer. So, I was wondering if there is a way to make Miva Merchant a fixed width system with out purchasing OpenUI (as this is not going to be a live system, so I do't have a reason to buy UI right now)?

    I searched all over the net and could not find a better forum to post, so if you know somewhere, I'd greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, if you can help answer my question, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    You can setup custom html programming in the global header to control the width in Miva merchant.


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    thanks for the heads up! Let say I want it to have a max width of 774, and display a banner image, what would be the code to do so? I played around with it a bit and made it worse.

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