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    Motherboard/cpu corroded?

    I have a full size Alienware desktop (the big tower ones with ALIENWARE lettering) from 3 years ago. Recently it stopped working - not even system beep on start up - I've tried everything I could think of and finally decided to bring it to Fry's Outpost (computer store chain).

    3 weeks later (today) they finally figured out what was wrong - my motherboard and cpu was "corroded." I asked what could cause that - and they told me that there "could be many causes".. and indirect answer. HOWEVER, all the other parts were fine..?

    I live in socal and the computer is indoors and under a table - in a pretty nice climate. There's lots of room for air (infact - I installed extra fans - so my jet engine has 10 fans total), and I clean it with compress air every few months.

    So, other then heat - what could cause the it to be "corroded"?

    Also - can I get some cpu/mobo recommendations - the most intense thing i'll be doing is photoshop (usually files around 30 meg files). Already have Radeon 9700 Pro/1 GB DDR

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    Your capacitors on your motherboard could have popped causing a gel/liquid like substance to get on your parts and corrode the motherboard. A couple of years ago, there was a string of motherboards that had faulty capacitors.

    Also if you got a liquid onto your hardware, that can cause corrosion.

    Personally, I have a Intel P4 LGA775 with an Abit Fatal1ty AA8XE board and that works well for me. It is PCI-E so your Radeon 9700 Pro card wouldn't work with it.

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    I've got a Intel P4 3.4Ghz with a DFI 925X-T2 board, which is very good. DFI brands are awesome, but they are more for the enthusiast market rather than main stream.

    I'm also getting a AMD 3500+ with a DFI nF4 SLI-DR tomorrow, which is also a very good combo.
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